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ST-1 develops expertise in parking and integrated control and guidance control systems based on experience by utilizing only the best specialists and technology of S/W and H/W fields, and leads the construction of parking control systems in Korea.

◆ Company name: ST-1 Co., Ltd
◆ CEO: Yoon Jae-Min
◆ Business: Smart parking control system and guidance control system, construction of integrated control center, 
autopay system, parking lot operation, consignment management, service, rental, software development, and information and communication construction
◆ Brand name: SGP, SGParking
◆ Business type: Manufacturing, service, wholesale, and retail sales
◆ TEL: +82-1899-2864, FAX: +82-63-262-1020
◆ Address: 

Jeonju Head office: 923, Girin-daero, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea
Seoul Head office: 605, 1057, Cheonho-daero, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Integrated Control Center

ST-1 operates 24 hours a day at the integrated control center, which provides real-time on-site situation identification and rapid A/S processing response.
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Major Service


Parking Control System

◇ Accurate license plate recognition

◇ Information guide through the LED display

◇ Real-time information provision to an administrator

◇ Reduction of traffic congestion during entrance or exit of vehicles

◇ Entrance or exit of vehicles by vehicle classification registration

Autopay System

◇ Various payment types
◇ Interworking with other systems

    (point of sale [POS], order communication system [OCS], and others)
◇ Prepaid / Leave pay
◇ Call the administrator in case of emergency
◇ Discount coupon applicable

Guidance Control System

◇ Real-time guide for available parking space
◇ Convenient checks for parking location
◇ Interworking with emergency bells
◇ Interworking with smart devices
◇ Management and monitoring of parking lots

Integrated Control System

◇ Integrated management of several parking lots in one place
◇ Real-time parking status check
◇ Data management / DB statistics and reports
◇ Image verification for entrance or exit of vehicles / Remote control
◇ Comprehensive information management for parking facilities

Customer management system

◇ Customizable parking facilities
◇ Real-time action for follow-up service
◇ Continuous update, maintenance, and repair
◇ Inspection of entrance or exit of vehicles and accidents / Remote control
◇ Customer satisfaction through improvement in the parking environment

Patent technology

Deep learning/Vehicle Route Tracking Technology

◇ It has better functions by applying artificial intelligence technology
◇ Continuously improving functions through deep learning learning
◇ Vehicle identification is possible through image matching even for defective license plates
◇ In vehicle tracking, the camera recognizes the position according to the movement of the vehicle.
◇ It is possible to determine on which parking surface a specific vehicle is parked.

Deep learning LPR


CCTV-Based Vehicle Tracking System

차량트래킹 설명.JPG
차량트래킹 설명.JPG

The status of the vehicle being tracked and the parking space are displayed on the screen.
If the box on the parking space is red, the vehicle is parked, and if it is green, it is empty.

Proposed plans


Added value creation

Accuracy improvement

Mobility management

Easy management

Implementation of a stable premium parking control system and the establishment of a continuous management system.

Management of vehicle entrance or exit using license plate recognition (LPR) with maximum recognition rate.

Real-time statistics of vehicle information such as entry and exit information database of the parking system, vehicle photos, and other information.

Hassle-free entry and exit of vehicles through the LPR system and autopay system during peak hours.


‘Mobility’ improvement

‘Quick’ entry and exit function

‘Real Time’ system

‘Added value’ realization