Company Summary


· Established Techone System Co., Ltd.

· Built an automated parking system in Kunsan National University

· Built the LPR system in Chonbuk National University

· Built the LPR system in the public parking lot (eight places) of Jeonju Facilities Management Corporation


· Established ST1 Co., Ltd.

· Increased capital (KRW 100 million)


· Increased capital (KRW 200 million)









· Increased capital (KRW 300 million)

· Registered a factory

· Obtained a certificate of direct production (parking system / Korea Federation of SMEs)

· Registered Broadcasting and Communication Equipment

· Obtained a KC certification

· Obtained a K mark certification

· Increased capital (KRW 400 million)

· Registered Information and Communication Contractors Business

· Registered as a member of Korea Information and Communication Contractors Association

· Registered as a small and medium business

· Obtained the LPR system performance certification

· Reported a software business license

· Increased capital (KRW 500 million)

· Developed and launched the LPR system (ST-LPR100 and ST-LPR/B)

· Developed and launched the autopay system (ST-AFO)

· Launched the PC-type parking fee calculation system (ST-AFM100)

· Established an R&D center

· Registered to Korea ON-line E-Procurement System (KONEPS)

· Developed and launched the Model Distinction System

· Obtained patent application number

· Designated as a venture business

· Selected as a promising small and medium business in Jeollabuk-do

· Obtained an Inno-Biz certification

· Obtained a certificate of direct production (computer software development)

· Specifying quality certification Q-mark
· Development of a matching system for image of license plate based on patent_deep learning
· Establishment of Gunsan Branch

· Moved to new office building
· KC certification
· Group standard product certification (vehicle license plate recognition device for parking lot)
· Patent _ Automatic payment using mobile communication


ST-1 Office building view